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I will further provoke him by saying that anchor-man is a most fitting name for his role in the relay team. 174+8 sentence examples: 1. The Columbine killings of 1999 failed to provoke any shift in Americans'attitudes to guns. 2. Don't throw one bone to two dogs; yoll'll only provoke a fight. 174+8 sentence examples: 1. Sometimes they even seem to provoke the trigger actions deliberately.

Provoke in a sentence

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almost every sentence. When I arrived to better understand the Swedish sentence construction. not provoke much attention in the US, because it was a short  Att vara förstfödd kan framkalla upproriska drag being first born can provoke rebellious streaks. Min son är en väldigt originell varelse my son is a very original  This instead becomes evident a few sentences later.

🔊 Provoking the snake to anger, the boy continued to poke it with a big stick. 🔊 Pablo thinks that his pranks are funny, but his annoying mischief usually makes people upset. 🔊 Translations of the phrase TO PROVOKE from english to norwegian and examples of the use of "TO PROVOKE" in a sentence with their translations: What is?- To provoke you.

1 Qi Gong – skepnader English words and Examples of Usage use "provoke" in a sentence The police fired on the demonstrators without provocation of any kindHenry provoked his brother into fighting by teasing him, and then pulling his hair. The police fired on the demonstrators without provocation of any kind. The politician has made a number of provocative speeches which have drawn the Example Sentences for "provoke" The police fired on the demonstrators without provocation of any kindHenry provoked his brother into fighting by teasing him, and then pulling his hair.

Provoke in a sentence

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It is this part of a sentence “…slowly the  in the post-war, could still provoke a sort of world "development plan", on the of a general Friedrich von Bernhardi sentence, in the period of Kaiser William II:  revealed that he did not want these elements to provoke a war with Cuba, which could cost History will rectify this verdict, and perhaps this sentence as well. ThiS ThiNg” is ridiculous because it implies that that sentence would make an Don't let the nonworld provoke you to the extent that you lose your love of life. loading the words into the sentence like cartridges in a chamber, 'that no one has actually learned anything new?' Elves are wonderful.

2. Their expectation is that Saddam will be provoked into blocking an inspection. click for more sentences of provoke into Definition of provoke verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Examples of provoked in a sentence: 1. I am provoked at myself for forgetting those matches. 2.
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How to use provoke in a sentence?

Firstly I have to admit that I  av B Rydeman · 2010 · Citerat av 14 — sentence and concludes his editing with letting the VOCA speak the was also obvious that S was sometimes teasing or trying to provoke  av NM TRIBUNALS — satz units operating in Esthonia could not provoke "spontaneous, anti-Jewish dem- onstration indictment, the evidence, and the sentence—a roll call of death. The acquittal disqualifies him from facing a sentence of life without parole, but he a school administrator repeatedly asked her what she had done to provoke  or comedy sketch, usually the word, sentence or exchange of sentences which is intended to be funny and to provoke laughter from listeners" at the notion of the Indian patriarchal society that clothes provoke rapists: strengthens women's rights, removing sentence reductions for honour killings and  2002 · Citerat av 45 — speaking a sentence we are giving rise to, as in hearing it we are con- fronted by, at also the different responses which they are calculated to provoke. (Ayer.
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provoke (verb) · provokes (third person present) · provoked (past tense) · provoked (past participle) · provoking (present participle) stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone. stimulate or incite (someone) to do or feel something, especially by arousing anger in them. 174+8 sentence examples: 1. Don't provoke the animal by teasing.

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as blocking the road, but it wouldn't. ______. A. budge. B. rotate.

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av P Snickars · Citerat av 10 — Intelligence”, with its thought provoking imitation game. Computers of his day, understanding a few keywords in each sentence.” ELIZA was hence a mock  DX Steve Lawler - Venerate Marco Resmann's San Juan Remix by Venerate Website WIP on Behance. Premium Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires Put to the Exhilarate In A Sentence. Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set. Definition of Provoke. to trigger a reaction, often an angry one.

But at a certain moment, he always provokes a problem. 2. The fact that it is provoking a reaction makes me satisfied, click for more sentences of Examples of Demagogue in a sentence. Only a demagogue could persuade so many people to rebel against authority. 🔊 The agitators were led by an angry demagogue whose mission was to overthrow the government. 🔊 Because of the frantic way he delivers his speeches, the preacher comes across as a crazed demagogue.